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Mechanized parking is a system of machines or mechanical equipment used to maximize vehicle access and storage.

Stereo garage with automated parking systems is an effective tool for parking management to increase parking capacity, increase revenue and increase parking fee revenue.

From the history of parking

The earliest three-dimensional garage was built in 1918. It is located in the hotel garage (Hotel La Salle) at 215 West Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA, a 49-story residential complex.

In the 1910s, the city's stables were replaced by new amenities. Built in 1918, the La Salle garage was "probably the oldest example of a commercial garage in the US," an American historian told AP.

It was supposed to be an automated vehicle storage shelf. Its ramp "had all the marks of a mountain road that spiraled up to the top of a five-story building." There was an elevator to lower cars back down to avoid traffic on the ramp. It could accommodate 350 cars and had a modern fire alarm system as well as an on-call "car doctor" to treat car ailments. Its north and south walls were decorated with windows, and there were five skylights on the top floor. The garage hired a man just to clean those windows.

Today, city planners are grappling with parking requirements that determine how much space residential buildings and businesses like hotels must provide to their tenants and guests. But before it was treated as a birthright, urban parking began as a convenience—a service for the very wealthy.

Previously, when the car was a luxury, now the widespread use of cars has led to problems with parking. The problem of lack of availability for parking vehicles is to some extent the result of the social, economic and transport development of cities. In terms of technology and experience, everything was successful, as it led to new research and development of mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment. Since the ratio of residents to parking spaces in many new buildings is 1:1, in order to resolve the contradiction between the area of parking spaces and the commercial area of residents, mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment has become widespread, which is used because of its unique characteristics of a small average area.


The advantage of automated parking

Compared with underground garages, parking equipped with parking systems can more effectively ensure the safety of people and vehicles. When people are within range of the mechanical parking system or where cars cannot park, all electronically controlled equipment will not work. It should be said that a mechanical garage can completely separate people and vehicles from management. The use of mechanical parking in the underground garage also eliminates the need for heating and ventilation facilities, so the energy consumption during operation is much lower than that of a worker-operated underground garage. Mechanical garages, as a rule, are not complete systems, but are assembled into a single whole. In this way, it can take full advantage of its smaller amount of land and can be divided into parts, and mechanical parking buildings can be installed randomly in each group or under each building in a residential area. This creates favorable conditions for solving the problem of parking in settlements with a shortage of garages.

Types of smart parking systems

Lifting & slide, plane moving, aisle parking, circular and rotary parking, these four types of garages are the most typical, the most used in the market, with the largest market share, and the most suitable for large-scale construction.

At the same time, when choosing the type of car storage for cars, we also need to pay attention to the capacity of the automated garage, the specifications of the parking vehicle, storage time, parking space turnover rate, management payment method, land price, land area, equipment investment and return and etc.

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1. Lift and slid parking systems

Features of this type of smart parking:

- Efficient use of space, improve the use of space several times.

- Access vehicle is fast and convenient, and the unique cross beam design makes vehicle access barrier-free.

- Adopt PLC control, high degree of automation.

- Environmental protection and energy saving, low noise.

- The human-machine interface is convenient, various operating modes are optional, and the operation is simple.


2. Vertical rotary parking

Automated stereo garage with vertical circulation

Features of the parking system:

- Space Saving: A large vertical circulation mechanical garage can be built on an area of 58 square meters, which can accommodate about 20 cars.

- Convenience: use the PLC to automatically avoid the car, and you can complete the access to the car with one keystroke.

- Fast: Short maneuvering time and fast lifting.

- Flexibility: It can be installed on the ground or half above ground and half below ground, can be independent or attached to a building, and can also be combined with multiple units.

- Savings: It can save a lot on the purchase of land, which is conducive to rational planning and streamlined design.

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3. Simple garage parking

Car lift features:

- One parking space for two cars. (Most suitable for family use with multiple cars)

- The structure is simple and practical, no special foundation requirements are required. Suitable for installation in factories, villas, residential parking lots.

- Can be repositioned at will, easy to move and install, or depending on ground conditions, independent and multiple units.

- Equipped with a special key switch to prevent unauthorized people from starting the equipment.

- Energy saving: there is generally no need for forced ventilation, large area lighting, and the energy consumption is only 35% of that of conventional underground garages.


4. Vertical storage of vehicles in the tower

Tower type stereo garage with vertical lift

Whole machine features:

- The tower parking system occupies a small area and has a large capacity for vehicles.

- A high-rise structure can reach an average of only one square meter of area for one vehicle.

- It can provide entry and exit from multiple parking lots at the same time, and the waiting time is short.

- He has a high degree of intelligence.

- Green and environmentally friendly garages can be greened by using the garage-shaped empty space, turning the garage into a three-dimensional green body, which is conducive to beautifying the city and the environment. Intelligent control, simple and convenient operation.


5. Plane moving parking system

Features of the shuttle parking system: 

- Car platforms and elevators on each floor operate separately, which improves the speed of vehicles entering and leaving the warehouse, and the underground space can be freely used, and the parking scale can reach thousands.

- When a fault occurs in some areas, it will not affect the normal operation of other areas, so it is more convenient to use; to improve comfort, a design method focused on the driver of the vehicle is used.

- It takes several safety measures and has an excellent safety record; 

- Integrated control by computer and touch screen interface can comprehensively monitor the working status of the equipment, and it is easy to operate.

- It can be installed on the ground or underground to make full use of the usable space.

- The lifting and moving of the car board is done at the same time, and the access to the car is convenient and fast.

- Fully enclosed control, safe and reliable, to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

- Loading and unloading of the wagon is carried out by transporting the wagon through the lift, walking trolley and mobile device, and the whole process is fully automated.

- The fixed lift + walking cart configuration on each floor can allow multiple people to access the car at the same time.

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7. Multi-layer circular parking

Features of circular parking system:

- Circular parking can be installed on the ground or underground, or half underground and half on the ground, making full use of the usable space.

- The inlet and outlet of this device can be located at the bottom, middle or top.

- Fully enclosed control, safe and reliable, to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

- Through the elevator, walking cart and circulation device, the transport plate is transported to realize the cabin access operation, and the whole process is fully automated.

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