Mutrade mechnical parking lifts are cost-effective solutions for stacker parking, solving parking troubles in both commercial parking lot and home garage.

Stacker Parking

Stacker Parking of Mutrade

Mutrade introduces its parking lifts and parking systems for stacker parking since 2009, and is focusing on development, design, manufacture and installation of various car parking & car lift storage solutions to increase more parking spaces in limited areas all over the world. 
Either for home garage or commercial parking, for 2-level or multi-level parking, there's always a plan for you. In Mutrade portfolio, we offer 2 post parking lift, 4 post parking stacker, underground car lift, and puzzle parking, etc. By choosing Mutrade parking lifts, you get a free project-based solution tailored to your needs. 
And all new products of stacker parking are covered with 5 years structural warranty and 1 year parts warranty. We are always available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!

Why Use Stacker Parking

What is the most-easiest parking solution to have more spaces for parking? The answer lies in stacker parking, the best and most cost-effective way to immediately double or multiply your parking capacity. A wide range of options are offered to fit various installation scenarios, including 2 post parking stacker, 4 post car parking lift, puzzle parking, underground car lift, etc. They are workable at indoor or outdoor, plenty or insufficient headroom, catering sedans or SUVs, and for garage storage or commercial parking. Simplified structural design brings least construction cost, easiest operation procedure and extended pleasure of parking.
Featured Hydro-Park
——— Hydro-Park 1127 & 1123
Parking two cars in one parking space, placed on top of each other on lifting platforms, is an easier and more cost-effective option that Mutrade offers for your garage. Two-level parking lift is the ideal solution for those who have several cars. Multiple capacity options are available: 2000kg, 2300kg, 2700kg or 3200kg.
——— Hydro-Park 3230
Multilevel car storage is a quick solution for increasing the number of parking spaces at car dealerships, vintage car collections, car rental companies, hotels with a valet parking service, as well as port terminals.
Use the most effective way to accommodate a large number of vehicles in a small area - parking stacker. It’s one of the most convenient and compact way to increase the parking capacity by maximum 5 times!
——— BDP Series
Puzzle parking systems fulfill the demand of smart and convenient parking experience by combining lift-slide together. State-of-the-art technologies are used to address our clients growing demand for parking spaces, max 6 levels built up, and it's possible to add extra levels underground. By simply tapping a key fob or ID card, the system shifts platforms vertically or horizontally to deliver the requested platform to the entrance level on ground.

Stacker Parking Projects

Either for private parking, car storage or commercial parking, for 2 level or multi-level parking, for ground installation or with pit, there's always a plan for you.
Hydro-Parking Video

FAQs of Stacker Parking

  • Q How can I find the right parking system for my place?

    A Mutrade offers a variety of parking systems to meet the demands of different clients or projects. Upon contact, please feel free to share the details of your needs as much as possible. For instance, it’s indoor or outdoor parking; how many cars need to park; and the size of your garage/parking lot. If possible, a layout drawing will be greatly helpful.
  • Q Can I trust my vehicles with your parking systems?

    A Definitely! Mutrade has been specialized in mechanical parking solutions since 2009, and has ranked No.1 in the exporting volume among all Chinese suppliers since 2018 based on national customs data. All of our products are CE certified, designed with multiple anti-falling devices. And we have had the working experience with dealers of Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, etc. You can totally trust your car with us!
  • Q Is operation easy?

    A Yes, all parking systems can be controlled either by key switch or ID card. Remote control is also possible on some systems. Please consult our sales team for more details.
  • Q Do you customize?

    A Yes, we provide custom services to project and to client needs. Please mention all your requirements to Mutrade, and our sales and technical department will prepare the proposal accordingly. Bespoke color is also acceptable.
  • Q What’s the power supply needed?

    A Our systems can work with the electricity scope of 110-480v, 50/60hz, and single or three phases. Please consult Mutrade sales team to verify the possibility.
  • Q Can you do installation?

    A We provide a couple of different support programs. For example, for the simple parking lift products, we can provide very detailed User Manual to guide you the installation process; for semi or fully automated parking systems, we can send engineer(s) to your site to supervise your installation team or contractor; or it’s possible to recommend you our local partners.
  • Q What is your warranty policy?


    All new products are covered with 5 years structural warranty and 1 year parts warranty. And we are always available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

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What is the easiest way to have more spaces for parking? The answer lies in parking lifts, the best and most cost-effective solution to immediately double your parking capacity. Simplified structural design brings least construction cost, easiest operation procedure and extended pleasure of parking.

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Get a custom-made and FREE design.

Send us your drawings, and our experts will design the best stacker parking solution tailored to your needs.

We develop, design and manufacture mechanical parking equipment with our own advanced technology and kept consistent high quality.
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