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Introduction of car parking system

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In urban areas with heavy traffic, parking spaces are limited, and it is becoming more and more difficult to allocate parking spaces for vehicles. Coupled with the ever-increasing number of new cars on the road every year, the task of finding suitable parking spaces for cars has become more difficult. The car parking system can make full use of the space to park the maximum number of cars. The system can significantly increase the number of parking spaces in a limited space by maximizing the use of vertical and horizontal space. Next, let's take a closer look at what is a car parking system?

Here is the content list:

  • How the car parking system works

  • Features of car parking system

How the car parking system works

The car parking system is designed to park cars in 2 to 6 floors, and can do up to 35 levels. Through the car parking system, 10 times the parking space of the ground parking space can be realized. And the system can design multiple car entrances and exits, which is convenient for a large number of cars to enter and exit at the same time. When parking, you only need to drive the car to the parking platform in front of the car door, operate with an IC card, and automatically open the door when the card is read. The intelligent transport trolley will automatically send the car to the designated position along the channel to lift, slide, and rotate. Then, the trolley releases the trolley into the correct space and returns to its original position. When picking up the car, the driver can choose to swipe the card, and then the smart car will slide, drop, and turn to bring the car to the entrance and exit platform, and then the driver can directly drive the car out.

Features of car parking system

First of all, the car parking system has a small footprint and increased parking spaces. The original location where only two cars can be parked can park 8 to 12 cars or more, and the land utilization rate is high. Secondly, the frame structure design of the system has fine structure, large load-bearing weight, good seismic resistance, high corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, and a humanized design with beautiful structure. Then, the system is easy to install, simple and reliable in structure, directly fastened with bolts, car pallet assembly or integral installation, short installation time, and convenient maintenance. If necessary, the device can be reinstalled to a new location. Last but not least, the car parking system has the advantages of low noise, small size, light weight, fewer failures, and energy saving.

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