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MSSP - Automated Cabinet Tower Parking System

The revolutionary Automated Cabinet Parking System is the result of Mutrade continued commitment to developing and providing innovative parking and storage solutions. This system is a highly automated intelligent parking system, which is an electrically powered, mechanized multi-level metal structure designed to accommodate and store vehicles on multiple levels using the principle of lifting, transverse movement and sliding the car to a parking space on individual metal pallets.
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A revolutionary system that combines three in one, elevator, slider and turner, all integrated onto one platform that moves up and down stacking vehicles. Also known as cabinet system, the MSSP series is a great space-saver due to the lack of individual elevator structure or giant stacker cruising along the aisle. Providing up to 16 parking floors high or 6 spaces wide, it’s an ideal solution for places with medium space but high demand in parking density. Multiple entrances and exits are optionally available to increase the efficiency further.

- High automation degree, instant treatment, continuous storage, high parking efficiency, can realize simultaneous access to vehicles
- Space saving, flexible design, diverse modeling, less investment, low spending and maintenance cost, convenient control operation etc.
- Various settings are optional: ground, semi- underground, fully underground
- The use of several pumps ensures low noise level, high energy efficiency, and reliability
- Use of teeth or a comb to move the conveyor
- Eco-friendness. No vehicle emissions, clean and green
- Efficient use of available space. More cars are accommodated on the same area.
- There are observation entrance mirrors, language instructions, access LED display, etc.
- Vehicle theft and vandalism are no longer an issue and driver security is assured
- The final parking operation is fully automated reducing the need for staff


Drive mode Hydraulic & wire rope
Car size(L×W×H) ≤5.3m×1.9m×1.55m
Car weight ≤2350kg
Motor power & speedOperation mode Lift 30kw Max 45m/min
Slide 2.2kw Max 30m/min
Turn 2.2kw 3.0rpm
Carry 1.5kw 40m/min
Access mode IC card/ key board/ manual
Power supply Forward in, forward out
Car weight 3 phase 5 wires 380V 50Hz

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