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What are the components of the automatic parking system?

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The automatic parking system is a system that automatically recognizes the available parking spaces through on-board sensors and on-board processors without manual intervention, and automatically and correctly completes the action of parking and entering the parking space. At present, many new cars launched by car companies have automatic parking systems. Generally speaking,automatic parking system has three core components. So, let’s take a closer look at what constitutes an automatic parking system?

Here is the content list:

  • Sensor system

  • central control system

  • Execution system

Sensor system

The main task of the sensor system is to detect environmental information, such as finding available parking spaces, and real-time detection of vehicle position information and body state information during parking. In the parking space detection stage, the length and width of the parking space are collected. In the parking phase, the position coordinates of the car relative to the target parking space are monitored, which is then used to calculate the angle and turning angle of the body to ensure the safety and reliability of the parking process. At the same time, these data messages are transmitted to the central control system through the data line.

Central control system

The central control system is the core part of the automatic parking system. Its main tasks include the following three aspects. First, receive the information collected by the parking space monitoring sensor, calculate the effective length and width of the parking space, and determine whether the parking space is available. Second, plan the parking path, and calculate the optimal parking path based on the relative position of the parking space and the car. Last but not least, real-time monitoring is performed during parking.

Execution system

The executive system mainly includes electric power steering system and automobile engine electronic control system. According to the decision information of the central control system, the electric power steering system converts the digital control quantity into the angle of the steering wheel to control the steering of the car. The automobile engine electronic control system controls the accelerator opening of the automobile, etc., thereby controlling the parking speed of the automobile. The electric power steering system is coordinated with the electronic control system of the car engine to control the car to complete the parking process according to the specified order.

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