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Hydro Park Machinery is a wholly owned subsidiary company and production facility of Mutrade Industrial Group founded in year 2014. From year 2017, by the record of Chinese Custom Data, the total export volume of Mutrade and Hydro Park together counted more than 18% of the total Chinese mechanical parking equipment (Code: 84289020) as the largest exporter for the Chinese mechanical parking industry. Our vision is to defend the quality standard of the Chinese made mechanical parking equipment with advanced technology, higher quality material, more precise manufacture processing, stricter quality control. Hydro Park has been supporting customers over 90 countries, servicing for local government offices, automobiles dealerships, developers, hospitals, and private residentials, etc. Our products have been used for famous car brand like Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Nissan and famous hotel company like Crown Group. Being a pioneer of mechanical car parking equipment in China, Hydro Park is committed to continuously supply innovative and reliable products to become the leader in mechanical car parking industry. Looking for parking lift, looking for Hydro Park!

We develop, design and manufacture mechanical parking equipment with our own advanced technology and kept consistent high quality.
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