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ARP Series 6-20 Cars Rotary Parking System

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ARP Series

Automatic Rotary Parking system



Rotary parking system is one of the most space-saving  systems that allows you to park up to 16 SUVs or 20  sedans in only 2 conventional parking spaces. The  system is independent, no parking attendant is required.  By inputting a space code or swiping a pre-assigned  card, the system can recognize your vehicle automatically  and find the faster path to deliver your vehicle down to  ground either clockwise or counterclockwise.


- Suitable for all types of vehicles 

- Least cover area than other automated parking systems 

- Up to 10 times space saving than traditional parking 

- Quick time of car retrieval 

- Easy to operate 

- Modular and simpler installation, averaging 5 days per system 

- Quiet operation, low noise to neighbors 

- Car protection against dents, weather elements,  corrosive agents and vandalism 

- Reduced exhaust emissions driving up & down aisles  and ramps looking for a space 

- Optimal ROI and short payback period 

- Possible relocation & reinstallation 

- Wide range of applications including public areas, office  buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and car  showrooms, etc.



  1. Rain shelter    2.Platform    3.Platform suspension arm    4.Rack     5.Gear motor    6.Post    7.Control panel    8.Photocell sensor    9.Electric box    10.Guide rail    11.Car door stopper    12.Fence

German motor

SEW brand motor, max 24kw, to ensure stable  running and long durability 

Accurate & stable manufacturing 

Modular design and high-precision equipments  enable tolerance <2mm in main structure  manufacturing. 

Robotic welding 

Robotic welding machines keep each module  standard and accurate, and also increase system  safety & stability 

Safe and flexible lifting system 

Non-lubricated contact between guide rollers & rail  achieves flexible rotation and reduces working noise  and power consumption. 

Three stages & four chains transmission system 

Theis unique transmission system provides stronger  support for system safety and smooth running.

High strength alloy steel chains 

The self-developed giant chains, made of alloy steel,  have superior high strength, safety factor is no less  than 10; and they adopt tin-bronze shaft sleeve and  Teflon finishing for smoother rotation and better  corrosion performance.

Windproof & anti-seismic performance 

Our unique design achieves stability under 10th  grade wind and magnitude 8.0 earthquake even  when platform moves to top position. 

Extra safety preventing door open 

A special developed car door stopper is equipped  on platforms to protect the ARP system and vehicles  from door open during system running in case  people are left inside. 

Intelligent ground loop detector 

Open or shut the door automatically as per system  operation status and prevent unauthorized entrance. 

Retrieval at blackout or power off

A manual parking & retrieval device are equipped to  take your cars safely even at blackout or power off  situations. 

E-charging optional 

Intelligent and uninterruptible fast electric charging  system is optional, and super easy to operate. 

Powder coating 

One of the best rustproof finishing, and rich colors  are optional



Safety door 

The door can be installed in front of system. It automatically shuts during system running to  prevent entrance by mistake and protect the cars from theft and vandalism. It can also detect  vehicles access and open intelligently. 

 Emergency stop button

It can be activated to stop the system at any time and cut off power in case of any emergencies  or system malfunctions.

High strength structural joint 

The entire system is manufactured modularly and automatically to ensure perfect performance  and smooth operation. And a high strength and precision part for structural connection is one of  the key factors to achieve so 

High precision manufacturing  

Large CNC universal gantry milling machine, CNC double-sided milling processing, and other  CNC machine tools to ensure manufacturing tolerance <2mm 

Giant lifting chains for highest safety 

To achieve superior safety, German technology is adopted in developing our own giant lifting  chains, with tin-bronze bushing and self-lubricating bearing. 

Rain shed 

Arc-shaped rain shed is optional on top of system to protect the system and vehicles from hard  weathers; without effecting the system stability against strong winds or snows.

Car door stopper

Car door opening is highly hazardous to both the vehicles and system. A specially made device  can be added to prevent such happening during system running. 

Windproof device 

When system goes up to 20m, wind load is one of potential hazards to structural stability. The  wind proof device can keep the whole structure stable under the 10th grade wind even when  platforms are moving to the highest position. 

Seismic resistance

Our ARP system has been certified by professional third party to be safe at Magnitude 8.0  earthquake, thanks to the high strength structural design and high-precision manufacturing. 

 Automatic car wheel positioner 

The positioner can prevent car moving during system running in case drivers neglect to pull the  manual brake before leaving the car, or under the force of strong wind. 

 Dual closed-loop anti-swing system 

An anti-swing system are arranged on both top & bottom positions to achieve higher safety and  stability during system running.

Car retrieval at power failure 

This device allows drivers to retrieve vehicles at power failure scenarios or blackout situations.



To ensure proper and stable function of entire ARP system in the long run, regular and periodic  inspection & maintenance are also of vital importance:


1) All connecting parts and transmission parts  shall be working properly free from any bad  abrasion and big clearance; 2) All bolts shall be tight and fastened 3) Lubricate the chains and add lithium grease  every 2 weeks.


1) Conduct comprehensive inspection to  lubrication status of whole system 2) All steel surface or welding joints shall be free  from any cracks 3) Check the function of limit switches,  photoelectric sensors, etc. 4) Lubricate the oil type bearings


1) Check the status of all safety devices and  electrical system 2) Check the whole set of transmission system,  including chain wheel, gearing mesh, bearing, etc


1) Perform overall inspection for ARP system,  including mechanical & electrical parts,  lubrication status, running status, wearing  conditions, etc. 2) Lubricate reducer as per reducer manufacturer  instruction;  3) Lubricate other sliding parts as per actual  situations

Scope of application

Suitable for residential buildings, office buildings, hotels,  hospitals, and any other commercial areas where  vehicles enter & exit frequently.


Theoretically the system is designed to operate between  -40° and +40c. Atmosphere humidity 50% at +40C. If the  local circumstances differ from the above, please contact  Mutrade.

Electrical installation preparation

Cabling preparation to be performed by the customer - To the main switch. Cables shall be in place prior to  commence of installation - Connect to the main switch during installation - System functional check testing can be performed by  the electrician provided by the customer Grounding and equalization (if applicable): to be done by  customer as per local regulations.


- Input car number or swipe IC card to lower your  platform down to ground - Drive the car forward onto the platform  - Put the brake on after vehicle parked on the platform - Open the car door and leave the system carefully

Protection against corrosion

Proper maintenance work has to be carried out according  to Mutrade Cleaning and Maintenance Instruction  regularly. Clean up structural parts and platforms of dirt  and road salt as well as other debris.

Fire safety

Each and every fire safety requirement and all possible  mandatory item(s) and equipment (fire extinguishing  systems and fire alarm systems) are to be provided by  the customer as per local laws and regulations



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