Key words could be advanced, speedy, safe and green, all these are directed to automated parking solutions. These space-saving parking technology can either go sky-high or deep down, highly feasible for small sites that are unable to accommodate a conventional ramped parking structure. And such advanced parking systems free you from driving up floor after floor seeking a vacant spot, they have all been there, helping to decrease exhaust emissions, thus more green.
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Max 35 Floors Automated Tower Parking System

ATP Series tower parking system is an extremely space-saving technology that can be tall, up to 35 floors; be wide, up to 6 parking spaces per level; or be subterranean with extra levels underground.

ARP Series 6-20 Cars Rotary Parking System

With rotary parking systems, Mutrade offers one of the most space-saving parking solutions that receive maximum 22 vehicles on the area of 36㎡ only, allowed vehicle weight up to 2500kg.

Automated Mechanical Plane Moving Space Saving Parking System

Also known as shuttle parking system, MLP series automated parking systems offers a perfect balance between efficiency and capability, accommodating up to 100 vehicles into a max 6 levels structure.

CTP - Automated Circular Tower Parking System

A streamlined space-saving parking technology that combines aesthetics and functionality. Circular tower parking system offers up to 12 spaces per floor, and maximum 10 parking floors. Subterrean floors are possible.

Benefits Of Automated Parking Systems

How Automated Parking Systems Work

In the heart of Costa Rica, Mutrade project has been making waves in the world of high-density parking solutions. Introducing the Tower Parking System ATP, a sophisticate, multi-level parking solution designed to maximize space utilization and transform urban parking challenges.
As urban spaces become more congested, efficient parking solutions are becoming paramount. We are delighted to present the rationale behind our completed rotary parking systems project in Turkey in 2023. This project involved the installation of a high-tech rotary parking system with a capacity of 16 parking slots, each capable of holding SUVs weighing up to 2500kg.
In Bangkok, Thailand, a luxury apartment building faced parking challenges until the arrival of our cutting-edge shuttle parking system (MLP series). Formerly accommodating only dozens of parking spaces, this intelligent parking solution now efficiently parks 324 vehicles in 6 parking floors. Truely a game-changer for urban parking.​​​​​​​
The giant 16 levels structure comes from our hydraulic-driven tower parking system implimented in Bangladesh, demonstrating a game-changing urban parking solutions. It is one of the most efficient and space-saving parking systems in the industry, offering 150 parking spaces for the luxury hotel. In comparison, there were only 15 comventional parking spaces previously.

Technical Support

Customer Orientation
Mutrade has more than 1500 satisfied customers worldwide and creates 9000+ additional parking spaces annually. Our goal is to contribute to the local communities by making parking easier and life simpler. We offer secured, space-saving, and cost effective solutions based on customer requirements. We guarantee prompt and high-quality fulfillment of all our obligations, respecting customer's time and budget.
Thorough Technical Support
A perfect parking solution is never possible without a thorough consultant from the very beginning. Mutrade offers complete solutions starting from scratch, helping customers to find the most suitable solution according to customer requirements and site conditions.
Comprehensive Service & Support
By choosing Mutrade parking systems, you get a free project-based solution tailored to your needs. Every product is made with advanced technologies, highest quality materials and stricter quality control. Additionally, Mutrade offers a variety of flexible and responsive support programs, e.g. remote instruction, on-site supervision services, or other plans with local partners.

Parking System Videos

Automatic tower parking systems can store up to 70 cars, extremely maximize the usage of any limited land areas.
Shuttle parking system is featured by having a robot responsible for moving the vehicles on each floor, thus highly efficient.

Customized Parking Solutions

Send us your CAD drawings and get a custom-made and FREE design + estimate to achieve maximum vehicle storage.

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We develop, design and manufacture mechanical parking equipment with our own advanced technology and kept consistent high quality.
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