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Introduction of automatic parking system

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As people use cars more and more widely, the automatic parking system has become more and more complete, making people's lives more convenient. Let's briefly introduce what is automatic parking system?

Here is the content list:

  • Definition of automatic parking system

  • Principle of automatic parking system

  • Three processes of automatic parking system

Definition of automatic parking system

The automatic parking system is a system that allows cars to automatically park in the correct way without manual intervention. The system includes an environmental data acquisition system, a central processing unit, and a vehicle strategy control system. The environmental data acquisition system Including an image acquisition system and a vehicle-mounted distance detection system.

Principle of automatic parking system

The principle of the automatic parking system is to collect image data and distance data of surrounding objects from the vehicle body, and transmit it to the central processing unit through the data line. The central processing unit can analyze and process the collected data to obtain the current The location, target location, and surrounding environmental parameters are used to make an automatic parking strategy based on the above parameters and convert them into electrical signals. After the vehicle strategy control system receives the electrical signal, it controls the driving of the vehicle such as angle, direction and power support according to the instruction, and the driver only needs to control the vehicle speed.

Three processes of automatic parking system

To achieve correct automatic parking, the vehicle must automatically complete two important tasks. The first is to be able to accurately identify available parking spaces. This includes the speed and accuracy of parking space recognition. The second and most important thing is to smoothly drive the vehicle into the parking space. The process of automatic parking system can be divided into three parts, namely parking space detection, path planning and path tracking. The first is parking space detection, which uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor the distance information between the vehicle and the roadside vehicle to determine whether the length of the parking space meets the parking requirements. Then there is path planning. The central processor obtains the current position of the car, the target position and surrounding environmental parameters based on data such as the relative position of the car and the target parking space, and then plans and calculates the optimal parking path and strategy. The last is path tracking, which mainly executes path planning, converts related strategies into electrical signals and transmits them to the actuator, and guides the car to park according to the planned path according to the instructions.

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