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Parking at a new level: you don’t have to know how to park!

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Parking at a new level

In a modern apartment building, everything should be comfortable: housing, an entrance group, and a garage for residents' cars. The last attribute in recent years has been acquiring additional options and becoming more technologically advanced: with an elevator, charging for electric cars, and a car wash. Even in the mass housing segment, parking sales are growing noticeably, and in the elite class, parking spaces are in consistently high demand.

Each region has its own regulations. In each specific case, the number of parking spaces can be increased or decreased, depending on the features of the development of the area. In densely populated neighborhoods, larger parking spaces are required, but if there are existing garage complexes near the construction site, then the number of parking spaces can be reduced.

The topic of mechanized parking is really relevant, they are most in demand in the field of luxury real estate and business-class houses, especially in megacities with dense buildings and high cost of land. In this case, mechanization can significantly reduce the cost of a parking space for the end user.

Mutrade is ready to provide customers with modern and practical solutions for robotic and mechanized parking of various types, depending on the specific conditions of the project.

smart puzzle parking system

Robotic parking: you don't have to know how to park!

When purchasing a place in a robotic parking lot, you can forget about how to properly park and not think about the size of the parking space. "Why?" - you ask.
Because all that is needed is to drive in front of the receiving box until the wheels stop, and then the robotic parking system will do everything by itself!
Let's figure out how the process of parking and issuing a car takes place.
A person drives up to the parking gate, a special electronic tag is read from his card - this is how the system understands in which cell it is necessary to park the car. Next, the gate opens, a person drives into the reception box, gets out of the car and confirms the start of unmanned parking of the car into the storage cell on the control panel. The system parks the car in a fully automatic mode with the help of technological equipment. First, the car is centered (i.e., no special parking skills are needed to park the car evenly in the receiving box, the system will do it itself), and then it is delivered to the storage cell with the help of a robot and a special car elevator.
The same goes for the issuance of a car. The user approaches the control panel and brings the card to the reader. The system determines the specified storage cell and performs actions according to the established algorithm for issuing the car to the receiving box. At the same time, in the process of issuing a car, the car (sometimes) turns around with the help of special mechanisms (turning circle) and is fed into the receiving box in front of it to leave the parking lot. The user enters the reception box, starts the car and leaves. And this means that you do not need to drive backwards onto the roadway and experience difficulties with maneuvering when leaving the parking lot!

multilevel parking system
mechanical smart parking system

We develop, design and manufacture mechanical parking equipment with our own advanced technology and kept consistent high quality.
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