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Starke 2121&2127 - Underground Pit Car Parking Lift

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Starke 2127/2121

Pit Two Post Parking Lift



Starke 2127 and 2121 are Mutrade pit two post  parking lifts, by platforms moving upwards from  the pit or downwards to the pit, every vehicle can  be parked or retrieved conveniently without  moving any car else. Starke 2127/2121 is a kind of  independent parking equipment, suitable for both  commercial and residential parking purposes.

2 cars in a single unit (Starke 2127 and Starke  2121) and 4 cars in a double unit (Starke 2227 and  Starke 2221) are both available

Parking space loads: 2100 kg and 2700 kg

Maximum 1700mm high vehicle can be parked in  1900mm deep pit, and 2300mm usable width is  provided in only 2550mm overall width for a single  unit, to make full use of the limited space. More  available dimensions are optional for different  project requirements.

The structure should be placed in a pit with certain  dimensions and reinforced by fixing posts to walls.


1 Post    2 Connection rod    3 Platform    4 Cylinder     5 Anti-falling lock     6 Oil hose   

TUV compliant, which is the most authoritative  certification in the world  

Certification standard 2006/42/EC and EN14010 

Low usage cost 

When the platform moves down, it will be driven by gravity, so  there is no electricity consumption for pump motor 

New hydraulic system which owns Ashkenazi  structure 

he hydraulic system adopts German top-level product  structure design, which is stable and reliable, avoid the  maintenance troubles, and its lifetime is twice as long as that  of the old one 

Galvanized pallet 

Far more beautiful and durable than observed, lifetime more  than doubled. Anti-slip corrugated deck protect both vehicle  and driver from possible slip and damage but still high-heel  shoe friendly

Zero accident security system

All-new upgraded security system, really reaches zero  accident

Dynamic locking device 

Mechanical anti-falling locks in the front of platform as  anti-falling device hold the platform in place 

Multiple chain protection devices Chains loosen detection and break protection ensures the  safety in case chain is loosen or broken 

Unique guiding system 

A full directions guiding system is adopted to make the  movement stable all the way 

More stable electric motors 

Newly upgraded commercial power unit system with  Siemens motor


Electrical auto control 

Automatic shut-off if operator releases the key switch

Further strengthened main structure of the  equipment 

The thickness of the steel plates and the weld joints have  been specially increased

Gentle metallic touch, excellent surface finishing 

After applying AkzoNobel powder, color saturation, weather  resistance and its adhesion are significantly enhanced 

Rich color 

Great care is taken with the treatment of lacquer face, in order  to improve the quality of products on surface looking to the  maximum extent

Strong adhesion 

The weather resistance of the spray powder has better performance  under special technology, which can stand wear and tear

Superior chains provided by Korean chain  manufacturer 

The life span is 20% longer than that of the domestic chains 

Galvanized screw bolts based on the European  standard 

Longer lifetime, much higher corrosion resistance 

Hydraulic centralized control

Perfect shared power pack unit solution 

Laser cutting + robotic welding 

Accurate laser cutting improves the accuracy of the parts, and  automated robotic welding makes the weld joints more firm and beautiful


Mechanical anti-falling safety lock in the front of platform

Chains loosen detection and break protection

Full directions guiding system

24v electric lock release has no harm for operator

Electric protection for power over load or under voltage

Auto locking system in case electrical failure

Emergency stop button

Pressure relief valve and pressure compensate flow  control valve

Limited switch at the top of the post. When the  platform goes to the appointed height, it will automatic  stopped to avoid the wrong operation

Overload protection device for hydraulic  power pack

Synchronization shaft


1 Yellow-black safety marking: 

- Compliant to ISO 3864, 100 mm  wide, along the pit edges (see page  4 > Static calculations and  construction works requirements <) 

2 In case of intermediate walls: 

- 150 x 150 mm opening for electric  and hydraulic system cables and  piping - After installation, do not close the  opening 

3 Recommended drainage channels: 

- 100 x 20 mm, with a 500 x 500 x  200 mm drainage pit 

- In case of installation of a sump  pump, it is necessary to comply with  the drainage pit dimensions  specified by the pump manufacturer 

4 Channels or undercuts /   concrete haunches: 

- Not allowed along the pit floor-to-wall  joints 

- Should channels or undercuts be  necessary, the system width needs to  be reduced or the pit needs to be wider 

5 5000 mm vehicles length   – 5300 mm pit length 

6 Free spaces for any connections  performed by the customer: 

-Please ask Mutrade for the  dimensions sheets

7 Lintel


Platform widths:

2300 mm (single units), 4600 mm (double units): 

- For 2050 mm vehicle width (without outside mirror) 

2400 – 2500 mm (single units), 4700 – 5000 mm (double units):

- For vehicles wider than 2050 mm (without outside mirror) - For units with intermediate walls - For units at the end of the driving aisle

For comfortable parking, entry and exit conditions platform widths  upon 2300 mm are recommended. Reduced platform width means  reduced parking comfort depending on the vehicle width, vehicle  type, individual driving style, access situation of the garage.

The driving aisle width

The driving aisle width  must comply with local  regulations It is possible to combine  different widths


Fixing of the system frames to the floor slab:

- Using base plates (approx. 15300 mm²) - Using adhesive anchor bolts M20 with 250 mm length - Hole depth is more than 250 mm - Concrete thickness of at least 300 mm


- Front drive-in wall and rear wall in concrete - Perfectly flat wall surfaces - Without protruding sections such as border edgings, pipes  and tubes, etc.

Concrete quality grade:

- Compliant of the static requirements of the construction - Min. C30 grade (for dowel fastening)

Frame bearing points:

- The specified lengths are expressed as mean value


Hydraulic power pack placement options: 

Located behind the parking lift Where this is not possible, it is necessary to arrange for an extra space above  drive-in level (i.e. for a wall recess or a niche)

Cabling preparation to be performed by the customer: 

- Up to the main switch to be in place prior to starting the installation  operations - Connection to the main switch during installation - System functional check testing can be performed by the electrician  provided by the customer

Grounding and potential equalization: 

- To be performed by the customer compliant to local regulations

Connections required every 10 meters



For garages with doors the door manufacturer must be consulted  before the electrical feed cabling is laid.

Scope of application

Suitable for residential buildings, office  buildings and business premises, hotels Only for long-term users that have been  instructed on how to use the system. For frequently changing users(e.g. for  office, hotel and business premises or  similar): - Only parking on top platform - Performance of technical system  adjustments in necessary - Consultation with Mutrade is  mandatory

Noise protection

- Insulation figure of the construction of  min. Rw = 57 dB - Walls which are bordering the parking  systems must be done as single wall  and deflection resistant with min.  m = 300 kg/ m² - Solid ceiling above the parking  systems with min. m = 400 kg/ m² At differing constructional conditions  additional sound absorbing measures  are to be provided by the customer The best results are reached by  separated sole plates from the  construction. Increased noise protection: If increased noise protection must be  provided planning has to be confirmed  on a project basis by Mutrade.


- System operating range: -10 to +40C  (with unloading platforms lowering  speed is reduced if less than +5C) - Humidity: 50% at +40C - In the event of changes to system  conditions please consult with Mutrade


Water leaks into the pit: - In the winter, up to 40 liters of snow  water can possibly come with the wheel  housings in just one parking process Recommended drainage channels: - Along the front end sections of the pit - Connecting to a floor drain or drainage  pit (500 x 500 x 200 mm) - With manual emptying out of the  drainage pit - Alternatively installation of a pump ordrainage channel into the sewerage  system, to be performed by the customer Environmental safety: - Coating of the pit flooring is  recommended - Installation of an oil and / or petrol  separator unit between the drainage  connection and the main sewerage  system is recommended


Railings mandatory: - When exceeding the permissible,  country-specific construction gaps and  opening Safety fences mandatory: - When walkways resp. traffic  passageways running alongside or  behind Parklifts and / or systems  positioned along border walls - Safety fences according to ISO 13857  to be performed by the customer (also  during the construction phase)


- Mutrade and all the Mutrade partners  abroad provide an installation and  customer service network - Regular, annual maintenance is  provided subject to the stipulation of a  maintenance agreement

Protection against corrosion

- All operations listed in the Mutrade  Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions  are to be performed regularly  (independently of maintenance  operation) - Zinc-plated parts, components and  platforms are to be kept clean of dirt,  road-salt and any other debris (due to  corrosion hazards) - Always keep the garage well  ventilated and deaerated

Surface protection

- Please consider the information on  surface protection!


- Sufficient lighting of the driving aisle  and of the parking places must be  performed by the customer

Fire safety

All the safety requirements and all  mandatory equipment (fire extinguisher  and fire alarm system, etc.) must be  performed by the customer

Construction alternations and /or modifications

- The right to construction or model  modifications and/or variations is hereby  reserved - The right to any subsequent part  modification and/or variation and  amendments in procedures and  standards due to technical and  engineering progress or due to  environmental regulation changes is  also hereby reserved


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