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Introduction of car parking lift

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With the widespread use of cars, parking spaces are gradually in short supply. In the process of constructing parking garages, it is often encountered that self-propelled ramps cannot be used due to the small area of the site. In order to transport the car to different levels and facilitate the access of the vehicle, it is necessary to use car parking lift. So, let's introduce in detail what is car parking lift?

Here is the content list:

  • Definition of car parking lift

  • The composition of car parking lift

  • Precautions when using car parking lift

Definition of car parking lift

Car parking lift is a kind of valet parking equipment, usually hydraulically driven by a chain, suitable for commercial and residential parking purposes. It can only move vertically, so the user must clear the ground to allow higher-level cars to descend.

The composition of car parking lift

The car parking lift is usually composed of a single hydraulic lifting cylinder, a column, a chain, and a non-slip corrugated deck. Among them, the non-slip corrugated deck protects the vehicle and the driver from possible sliding and damage, while the galvanized and corrugated platform ensures safety and long life. The main power source of car parking lift is a single hydraulic lifting cylinder, the chain is the drive system, and it has an independent hydraulic power unit and control panel. The synchronized chain can ensure the balance of the lifting platform and can carry most types of vehicles. Free-standing and self-supporting structure, including piston rod, column, dynamic mechanical lock and control arm, the piston rod is chrome-plated, the service life is very long, the column is symmetrical design, and the specially designed control arm allows the operator to avoid The platform can control the car parking lift. The dynamic mechanical lock is used as an anti-falling device to fix the platform in place. The platform can be parked at different heights to adapt to various vehicles and ceiling heights.

Precautions when using car parking lift

First of all, when someone is in the equipment, or when there is someone on the vehicle board, it cannot be manipulated, which may cause the risk of injury. Secondly, in order to ensure safety, the equipment cannot leave the operation panel during operation, in case the emergency stop button cannot be operated immediately when an emergency occurs. Then, be sure to confirm whether the parking position is correct to prevent damage to the vehicle and equipment. Finally, you must park the vehicle within the parking allowable range. When the vehicle enters the equipment, pay attention to whether the size, weight and specifications are within the range specified on the equipment nameplate to avoid damage and failure of the vehicle and equipment.

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