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Automated Circular Type Parking System

multilevel parking system

Mutrade’s continuous pursuit of functional, efficient and modern-looking equipment has led to the creation of an automated parking system with a streamlined design. Circular type vertical parking system is a fully automated mechanical parking equipment with a lifting channel in the middle and a circular arrangement of berths. Making the most of limited space, the fully automated cylinder-shaped parking system provides not only simple, but also highly efficient and safe parking. Its unique technology ensures a safe and convenient parking experience, reduces parking space, and its design style can be integrated with cityscapes to become a city.

Above ground plan & Underground plan:

Automated Parking System

Horizontal layout:  8, 10 or up to 12 parking spaces per level.


- Stable intelligent lifting platform, advanced comb exchange technology (time-saving, safe and efficient). The average access time is only 90s.

- Multiple safety detection such as the over-length and over-height make the whole access process safe and efficient.

- Conventional parking. User friendly design: easily accessible; no narrow, steep ramps; no dangerous dark stairwells; no waiting for elevators; secure environment for user and car (no damage, theft or vandalism).

- The final parking operation is fully automated reducing the need for staff.

- The system is compact (one Ø18m parking tower accommodates 60 cars), making it ideal for areas where space is limited.

parking system

How to pa your car?

Step 1. The driver needs to park the car in the exact position when entering and exiting the room according to the navigation screen and voice instructions. The system detects the length, width, height and weight of the vehicle and scans the person's inner body.

Step 2. The driver leaves the entrance and exit room, swipes the IC card at the entrance.

Step 3. The carrier transports the vehicle to the lifting platform. The lifting platform then transports the vehicle to the designated parking floor by a combination of lifting and swinging. And the carrier will deliver the car to the designated parking space.

How to pick up the car?

Step 1. The driver swipes his IC card on the control machine and presses the pick-up key.

Step 2. The lifting platform lifts and turns to the designated parking floor, and the carrier moves the vehicle to the lifting platform.

Step 3. The lifting platform carries the vehicle and lands to the entrance and exit level. And the carrier will transport the vehicle to the entrance and exit room.

Step 4. The automatic door opens and the driver enters the entry and exit room to drive the vehicle out.

multilevel parking system Automated Parking System

Automated Aisle Stacking Parking System

is a fully automated parking system developed by Mutrade, where the vertical movement and lateral movement of the vehicle is carried out by the stacker, and the longitudinal movement of the vehicle is implemented by the carrier to complete the storage and retrieval of the vehicle. There are two main types of carriers: comb tooth type and pinch wheel type.

parking system multilevel parking system

Two rows of vehicles are parked aside the stacking channel, up to 60 vehicles can be stored at the same time. To park a vehicle, the driver just needs to stop the car at the parking bay and the whole rest process will be done by the system automatically.

Automated Parking System


-  High automation, instant treatment, continuous storage, high parking efficiency, can realize simultaneous access to vehicles

-  Space saving, flexible design, diverse modeling, less investment, low spending and maintenance cost, convenient control operation etc.

-  The use of several pumps ensures low noise level, high energy efficiency, and reliability

-  Eco-friendness. No vehicle emissions, clean and green

-  Supervision monitoring system: closed monitoring system, (control all parking system in the central control monitoring room); LED guiding monitor can show all orders and signals, such as over length, over width, over height, car position, operation moving process

-  Easy operation: the final parking operation is fully automated reducing the need for staff

parking system

Aisle type parking system adopts a stacking mechanism that moves along the aisle horizontally and carries vehicle vertically in the meantime. Then a parking robot carries the vehicle back and forth between stacking machine and the parking space. One set of stacking system can accept up to 60 vehicles, suitable for middle or large-scale buildings or public facilities.


We develop, design and manufacture mechanical parking equipment with our own advanced technology and kept consistent high quality.
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