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CTT - Customizable 360 Degrees Rotating Car Turntable

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Car Turn Table




Car Turn Table is an affordable driveway solution, which can be installed quickly and efficiently to solve steep driveway issues and small access locations, or for car exhibition to create a dynamic environment to help draw attention to your automotive display. Together with Car stacking  solutions, it can be installed where residence have multiple cars and Insutticlent garage spaces.

multiple cars and Insutticlent garage spaces. Our Car Turn Table adds significant value to your property and provide a safe solution to residences located on busy roads. Different surface finishes are available for your different requirement. Our turntables can be totally customized on diameter, capacity, and coverage of platform to meet individual building requirements.



Center Bearing  Motor  Supporting Wheel  Structure


1.Quality Assurance:

we adopt laser cutting technology and precision manufacturing techniques, allowing us to deliver the smoothest and  quietest turntables.

2. Thinner design:

Our new design makes machine thickness only 185mm

3. Quiet operation:

Thanks to updated design, there is no noise during operation

4.Advanced drive system:

A circle of Pin-Gear mechanism is driven by motor to turn platform smoothly and exactly.

5.Professional package:

Most of parts are package in a wooden box, which is easy for loading and unloading.

6.High customization:

Different diameter, capacity and coverage of platform could be customized according to clients’ requests.

Easy maintenance:

A key component to Mutrade Turntable success has been the robust and reliable designs that incorporate easily accessed  and changed out components. Quality Parts from reputable suppliers available worldwide are used in our turntables to ensure any issues can be quickly rectified.




-A vehicle drives onto the tray  -turn power on, and press the motor button to start -Remote control is optional.


Most of parts are packed into a wooden box, which is easy for shipment.


These warranties do not extend to... -defects caused by ordinary wear, abuse, misuse, shipping damage, un-proper installation, voltage or lack of required   maintenance; -damages resulting from purchaser’s neglect or failure to operate products in accordance with instructions provided in the   owner’s manual(s) and/or other accompanying instructions supplied; -normal wear items or service normally required to maintain the product in a safe operating condition; -any component damaged in shipment; -other items not listed but may be considered general wear parts; -damage caused by rain, excessive humidity, corrosive environments or other contaminants.

These warranties do not extend to any cosmetic defect not interfering with equipment functionality or any incidental, indirect, or consequential loss, damage, or expense that may result from any defect, failure, or malfunction of a MUTRADE product or  the breach or delay in performance of the warranty

This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied.

MUTRADE makes no warranty on components and/or accessories furnished to MUTRADE by third parties. These are warranted only to the extent of the original manufacturer’s warranty to MUTRADE. Other items not listed but may be considered general wear parts.

MUTRADE reserves the right to make design changes or add improvementsto its product line without incurring any obligation to make such changes on product sold previously.  

Warranty adjustments within the above stated policies are based on the model and serial number of the equipment. This data must be furnished with all warranty claims.

Keep the equipment clear Appropriate lubrication and maintenance helps the reliability of the equipment. Keep the operation box clear and dry.

1. Is it necessary to excavate the ground for turntable installation?

It depends on the different purposes. If for garage use, it needs dig the pit. If for car show, it doesn’t need, but need   add surround and ramp.

2. What is the shipping size for one turntable?

It depends on the diameters you need, please contact Mutrade sales for exact info.

3. Is it easy for delivery and installation?

All turntables are sectional so they are easily taken apart for shipping. Many of the sectional parts will be number or color   coded making assembly an easy task. All Mutrade turntables are accompanied by a comprehensive, easy-to-understand   operator manual which includes full color diagrams and pictures that illustrate various stages of the assembly.




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