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BDP-2 - Two Level Hydraulic Puzzle Parking System

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Bi-Directional Parking System  2 Levels


BDP-2 is a semi-automatic parking system, developed by  Mutrade. The parking space selected is moved to the  desired position by means of an automatic control system,  and the parking spaces can be shifted vertically or  horizontally. Entrance level platforms move horizontally  and upper level platforms move vertically, with always one  platform less at the entrance level. By swiping the card or  input the code, the system automatically moves the  platforms in the desired position. To collect a car parked on  the upper level, the platforms at the entrance level will first  move to one side to provide an empty space into which the  required platform is lowered.

BDP-2 mobilizes the existing space by using it the best  possible way. It can be used to park two cars on top of  each other, and offers space from 5 to 29 cars. A driving  lane in front of the full width of the system is required to  access all parking spaces, and one vacant space on the  entry level allows for horizontal or vertical shifting of all  platforms.  

The access level can be secured by doors which can only  be opened once the shifting process is completed.  Therefore, cars are protected against theft and  vandalism.

-Independent parking in 2 levels above each other -Multi size options corresponding to car heights, car widths and platform loadings 

-2000kg capacity for sedan system, and 2500kg capacity for SUV system 

-Easy operation and parking comfort 

-High level of operating and functional safety

-Low-wear, low-noise proven hydraulic systems 

-Galvanized platform with wave plates for better parking 

-High elevating speed to reduce waiting time 

-Central hydraulic power pack and control panel, with PLC control system inside 

-Code, IC Card and manual operation available 

-Reliable mechanical anti

-falling protection 

-Hydraulic overloading protection 

-Optional safety gates at access level protect cars against theft and vandalism.


1.Less land space occupied: 

Hydraulic cylinder and wire ropes transmission system makes full use of the inside space of  structure. No wasted space for wire reel.

2.High elevating speed:  

8-12 meters/minute elevating speed makes platforms move to desired position within half  minute, and dramatically reduces users’ waiting time.

3.Low operation noise: 

Noise reduction is available on the centralized power unit, so no harm for body health and  environment.

4.Low electricity consumption:  

It’s driven by gravity and hydraulic pump is not working when platform descends, so the  electricity consumption can be reduced.

5.Modularized structure:  

Modularized structure makes structural parts and transmission parts standard and suitable  for various projects, it could simplify the fabrication and installation.

6.SUV parking available:  

The reinforced structure allows 2500kg capacity for all platforms with higher available height  to accommodate SUVs.

7.Easy operation:  

Centralized control panel in front of the system allows users to operate conveniently by code,  IC/ID card.

8.SIEMENS motor in power unit:  

Siemens full-time working motor makes sure the hydraulic pump working continuously at any  time.

9.Excellent hydraulic pipeline system:  

The oil tubes, joints and fifixtures are all updated to make our hydraulic system more suffificient  and stable.

10.Seamless cold drawn oil tubes:  

Instead of welded steel tube, the new seamless cold drawn oil tubes are adopted to avoid any  block inside of tube due to welding.

11.Wire ropes loosen detection system:  

any loosen of wire rope can be detected to avoid platform falling down.

12.Strong and reliable wire ropes adopted:  

10mm diameter wire ropes are strong enough for long term SUV parking.

13.Larger platform usable width:  

Wider platform allows users to drive cars onto platforms more easily.

14.Platform buffering, anti-slip, anti-sway and positioning devices:  

each platform is well protected during movement by multiple nylon-cushions and positioning  plates for buffering, anti-slip, anti-sway and positioning.

15.Leakproof platforms:  

specially bent side rails and galvanized waving plates prevent oil or water from dripping.

16.Optimized platform side rail:  

the front end of platform side rail is polygon without sharp edge to avoid body hurt or tire  damage.

17.Adjustable car stopper:  

the position of car stopper can be adjusted to fifit for different wheel bases.

18.Mechanical anti-falling frame:  

the anti-falling frame is reliable mechanical protection in case any platform falling down.

19.Overlength, over height, over loading detection protection:  

a lot of photocell sensors are placed in different positions, the system will be stopped once  any car is over length or height. A car over loading will be detected by the hydraulic system  and not be elevated.

20.Self-locking protection device:  

the self-locking protection will safely stop the platform if electricity fails.

21.Accidental entrance detection protection:  

the photocell sensors in front of the system will detect any accidental entrance of person or  car, stop system operation and give the alarm.

22.PLC control system:  

Omron PLC centralized control system is used for long term stable controlling and multiple  functions working.

23.Multiple electrical safety protections:  

phase order, over currency, over loading, over or under voltage protections are adopted.

24.Top brand electrical parts:  

Siemens, Schneider, Omron electrical parts are widely used in the electrical system.

25.Professional packages and delivery:  

long term development and updates, as well as a great deal of global project experience helps  our product packages and loading work be suitable for ocean transportation from damage.

26.Optional safety gates:  

Two types of safety gates are optional to secure the parking system, cars and valued items  inside, as well as avoiding any accidental entrance.

27.Optional roof and façade cover:  

roof and façade cover made of color steel sheet is optional to protect the structure and parts  from rain and snow.




1.Design safety factory: 

the safety factor of transmission system is not less than 7, to make sure all structure and connections are strong and safe  enough. 

2.Emergency stop button: 

the emergency stop button can be activated to stop the system and cut off power supply at once in an emergency. 

3.Operation protection: 

after emergency stop button is activated, the equipment cannot work until emergency ends. 

4.Over length detection: 

if a car longer than rated length is parked on the platform, the sensor will stop the system and give the alarm. 

5.Over height detection:

if a car higher than rated height is entering, the sensor will stop the system and give the alarm. 

6.Accidental entrance detection:

when a person or car is trying to enter into the system in operation, the sensor will stop the system at once and give the alarm. 

7.Adjustable car stopper: 

the position of car stopper on the platform can be adjusted forwards or backwards according to different car lengths. 

8.Anti-falling frame: 

two mechanical frames under each upper platform are more stable and reliable to protect car from any platform falling down. 

9.Alarm lamp:  

An alarm lamp is blinking to remind the system in operation. 


The buzzer will be activated to give the alarm if there is an error of over length, over height, over loading or accidental  entrance, etc., as well as error indicator displayed on operation panel. 

11.Motor over loading protection:  

if the motor is over loading due to some reason, the protection will cut off the power supply at once to protect the motor and  cars on the platforms. 

12.Phase failure & anti-phase protection: 

the control loop will stop the motor working at once if there is phase failure or anti-phase happens. 

13.Over voltage protection:  

the control loop will cut off power supply at PLC front-end to protect PLC, if over voltage happens. 

14.Positioning & end point limit switches: 

Positioning limit switches are placed to stop platform moving when the platform reaches desired position; the end point limit  switch is an extra protection in case any positioning limit switch fails and the platform keeps moving. 

15.Self-locking protection: 

if there is an electrical failure or emergency situation, sliding motor can apply the brake, hydraulic pump and valves be locked,  and all moving devices stop. 

16.Elevating and sliding interlock protection:  

the interlock protection always works to prevent elevating movement and sliding movement from simultaneity. 

17.Slide positioning protection: 

stop blocks are placed on the end of sliding rails to stop platform sliding at desired position. 

18.Under time & overtime protection: 

in the movement of elevating or sliding, an operation time under or over the given safety time range will be detected by the  control system, and the equipment will be stopped and not work until trouble removal by the administrator or authorized  person. 

19.Platform overtravel protection:  

each platform is elevated by a hydraulic cylinder, which travels in a certain stroke and will prevent platform from unnecessary  moving in case limit switches fail. 

20.Password safety protection:  

password is requested to make sure only authorized person can operate the equipment




Two ways to operate the system: 

1.Code: input the space number of desired platform,  then press RUN to start. 

2. Card: users can swipe a specifific card to get a certain  platform down to the entrance level. Each card matches  a specifific platform.


Powder coating is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. It is  typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat  to allow it to flow and form a "skin". It is usually used to create a  hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

According to the operation principle of our parking system, the periodical maintenance should be fulfilled as per the  following four types: 

A.Monthly inspection and maintenance It should be done every two weeks after project starts to operate within the fifirst three months. The equipment and safety devices should be clean, lubricated adjusted inspected. Especially, please pay more  attention on the working status of main safety devices, careful inspection is necessary and please fifix any problem  found out in the earliest time. Do inspection on every lubrication parts, and lubricate it if needed. 

B.Quarterly inspection and maintenance It should be done every three months after fifirst moths end. All the transmission parts (steel cables, limit switches, motor in power pack, pulleys, guiding rails, etc.), safety devices  and electrical control system should be inspected completely, and do necessary adjusting or fifixing work if needed. 

C.Yearly inspection and maintenance A technical inspection of whole equipment (including earth connection and withstand voltage of electrical parts, etc.)  should be done every year, and customer need make estimation on working status of equipment and annual  maintenance plan, fifix and replace the worn parts. 

D.Adjusting test The adjusting test with loading should be done every two years. The equipment could start to operate only after  careful inspection on whole system if there is long time stop or any earthquake, fifire happening.

MUTRADE’s BDP series have a FIVE years warranty on structure, and ONE year warranty for the whole machine.

Within the warranty period, power units, hydraulic cylinders, and all other assembly components such as slip  plates, cables, chains, valves, switches etc., are warranted for one year against defects in material or workmanship  under normal use. MUTRADE shall repair or replace at their option for the warranty period those parts returned to  the factory freight prepaid which prove upon inspection to be defective. MUTRADE will not be responsible on any  labor costs unless pre-agreed. Mutrade will not be responsible for the modification or upgrade of the product from  the client unless pre-agreed.

These warranties do not extend to...

•defects caused by ordinary wear, abuse, misuse, shipping damage, un-proper installation, voltage or lack of required maintenance;

•damages resulting from purchaser’s neglect or failure to operate products in accordance with instructions provided in the owner’s manual(s) and/or other accompanying instructions supplied; 

•normal wear items or service normally required to maintain the product in a safe operating condition; 

•any component damaged in shipment; 

•other items not listed but may be considered general wear parts; 

•damage caused by rain, excessive humidity, corrosive environments or other contaminants. 

•any change or modifification made to the equipment without pre-agreed.

These warranties do not extend to any cosmetic defect not interfering with equipment functionality or any incidental,  indirect, or consequential loss, damage, or expense that may result from any defect, failure, or malfunction of a  MUTRADE product or the breach or delay in performance of the warranty

This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied.

MUTRADE reserves the right to make design changes or add improvements to its product line without incurring any  obligation to make such changes on product sold previously.

Warranty adjustments within the above stated policies are based on the model and serial number of the equipment.  This data must be furnished with all warranty claims.


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