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TPTP-2 - Tilting Car Parking Lift

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Two Post Tilting Parking Lift 2 levels 




The two post tilting parking lift is a kind of valet  parking. TPTP-2 is only used for sedans, and it is a  subsidiary product of TPP-2 when you don’t  have enough ceiling clearance. It moves vertically, the users have to clear the ground  level to get the higher level car down.

It is hydraulic driven type that lifted by cylinders.  Our standard lifting capacity is 2000kg, different  finishing and waterproof treatment are available  at customer’s request.

- Designed for low ceiling height

- Galvanized platform with wave plate for better parking

- 10 degree tilting platform

- Dual hydraulic lifting cylinders direct drive

- Individual hydraulic power pack and control panel

- Self-standing and self-support structure

- Can be moved or relocated

- 2000kg capacity, suitable for sedan only

- Electric key switch for security and safety

- Automatic shut-off if operator releases the key switch

- Both electrical and manual lock release for your choice

- Maximum lifting height adjustable to for different

- ceiling height

- Mechanical anti-falling lock on top position

- Hydraulic overloading protection


1 Platform    2 Column    3 Control arm    4 Cylinder    5 Pump shield(power unit)

6 Limit switch    7 Left footage     8 Safety lock    9 Balance shaft    10 Wheel stop lever

11 Right footage    12 Control box


1 Ultra low noise 

Because of it is hydraulic cylinders driven type, no matter the car up or down, it makes low noise because of the buffering of the cylinders.  

2 Safe and reliable 

The limit switch on the post and the anti-drop device offer double safety for this  equipment.

3 Fast and easy installation 

With part of structure pre-installed in the factory, it is very easy on the installation work.

4 Simple operation 

People only need to turn the key switch on the control panel to operate the  equipment.

5 Consumer product level finishing  

A better powder coating as the standard surface treatment provide consumer  product level finishing.

6 Top quality processing 

The TPTP-2 product is 100% cut by laser and more than 60% welded by robot.

7 Suitable for both home use and public use 

Usually the equipment is mainly used for indoor and personal, but sometimes it  also be used for public use



- For this kind of equipment, our standard surface treatment is powder coating for the main frame and galvanized plate for   the platform. - Powder coating is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. It is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under   heat to allow it to flow and form a "skin". - It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.



1)Before operation, confirm there is no person or object stay in the parking equipment to avoid accident 

2)Turn the key to park or take the car.

Car-parking: Turn the key clockwise, platform rises;

Car-taking: Turn the key counterclockwise, platform falls down.

The alert lamp glistens during running(to warn staff around ; After the car is in place, take out the key.

3)Attentions when parking the car:

    Please put away the antenna before the car enters the parking equipment.

    The car can be parked or taken out only after the platform stop running.

    Parking the car in appropriate position according to the car length to avoid car damage.

    After parking the car, pull the hand brake and leave.

    Please check unlock hook, make sure it at security locking state then leave.

Attention during operation 

- Only trained person can operate the equipment; 

- Before operation, confirm there is no person in equipment area; 

- Prohibit anyone entering into the equipment area except the driver; 

- When parking: ① Put away the antenna, and slowly drive onto the platform; ② Locating the car; ③ Flameout, and pull hand brake; ④ Get down the car,   and close the car door.

- Connect professional maintainer or connect the manufacturer if there is any abnormal trouble. Never try it by yourself. 

- Prohibit driving when drunk. 

- Prohibit parking the car of wrong dimension and weight. 

- Prohibit fire around the equipment.

Maintenance should be according to the working frequency of the parking equipment.

1)Daily maintenance and check: The user or operator should responses the daily maintenance and check. 

The platform and parking ground should be kept clean and clear; 

Clear the surface of the moving parts;  If there is any abnormal noise, please inform the maintainer;

2)Regular maintenance and check: Professional maintainer should do regular maintenance and check, and details as per the   table below.


1. How many cars could be parked for each set?

    2 cars. One is on the ground and another is on the second floor.

2. Is TPTP-2 used indoor or outdoor?

    Both of them are available. The finishing is powder coating and plate cover is galvanized, with rust-proof and rain-proof. When   used indoor, you need consider the ceiling height.

3. How much is the minimum ceiling height to use TPTP-2?

    3100mm is the best height for 2 sedans with 1550mm high. Minimum 2900mm available height is acceptable to fit for TPTP-2.

4. Is the operation easy?

    Yes. Keep holding the key switch to operate the equipment, which will stop at once if your hand releases.

5. If the power is off, can I use the equipment normally?

    if the electricity failure happens often, we suggest you have a back-up generator, which can make sure the operation if no   electricity.

6. What's the supply voltage?

    Standard voltage is 220v, 50/60Hz, 1Phase. Other voltages could be customized according to clients' request.

7. How to maintain this equipment? how often it need the maintenance work?

    We can offer you the detailed maintenance guide, and actually the maintenance of this equipment is very simple, for example,   keep the round environment tidy and clean, check whether the cylinder is leak oil, the bolt is loose or the steel cable is worn

1) MUTRADE’s parking equipment has a 5 years warranty on structure, and first year warranty on the whole machine. Within the   warranty period, Mutrade is responsible for the parts and structure, not including labor nor any other cost unless pre-agreed.

2) Power units, hydraulic cylinders, and all other assembly components such as slip plates, cables, chains, valves, switches etc, are   warranted for one year against defects in material or workmanship under normal use. MUTRADE shall repair or replace at their   option for the warranty period those parts returned to the factory freight prepaid which prove upon inspection to be defective.   MUTRADE will not be responsible on any labor costs unless pre-agreed. Mutrade will not responsible for the modification or   upgrade of the product from the client unless pre-agreed.

3) These warranties do not extend to... 

- defects caused by ordinary wear, abuse, misuse, shipping damage, un-proper installation, voltage or lack of required maintenance; 

- damages resulting from purchaser’s neglect or failure to operate products in accordance with instructions provided in the owner’s   manual(s) and/or other accompanying instructions supplied; 

- normal wear items or service normally required to maintain the product in a safe operating condition; - any component damaged in shipment; 

- other items not listed but may be considered general wear parts; 

- damage caused by rain, excessive humidity, corrosive environments or other contaminants. 

- any change or modification made to the equipment without pre-agreed.

4) These warranties do not extend to any cosmetic defect not interfering with equipment functionality or any incidental, indirect, or   consequential loss, damage, or expense that may result from any defect, failure, or malfunction of a MUTRADE product or the   breach or delay in performance of the warranty

5 ) This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied.

6) MUTRADE makes no warranty on components and/or accessories furnished to MUTRADE by third parties. These are warranted   only to the extent of the original manufacturer’s warranty to MUTRADE. Other items not listed but may be considered general   wear parts.

7) MUTRADE reserves the right to make design changes or add improvements to its product line without incurring any obligation to   make such changes on product sold previously.

8) Warranty adjustments within the above stated policies are based on the model and serial number of the equipment. This data   must be furnished with all warranty claims.

At Mutrade, we offer professional steel frame packaging for easy and stable container load. And now we have developed the  form of the package to make it the best---pack by unit  By using this method, the customers who are not familiar with this equipment can make out the small parts quickly, and don’t  need to find other parts from other container.  


For this pack method, a 20ft container can load 8 units and a 40ft container can load 16 units.



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