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Hydro-Park 2525 - 2500kg Compact Car Parking Triple Stacker

Hydro-Park 2525 is a MUTRADE newly developed 3-floor version of HP2236 and can be used as a 3-floor stacker parking like eco version of HP3130. The design of HP2525 is based on the HP2236, the equipment is used as valet parking or storage. The platforms move only vertically driven by a hided strong hydraulic cylinder with wire ropes.
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Hydro-Park 2525

Eco Parking Stackers 3 Floors



Hydro-Park 2525 is a MUTRADE newly developed  3-floor version of HP2236 and can be used as a  3-floor stacker parking like eco version of HP3130.  The design of HP2525 is based on the HP2236, the  equipment is used as valet parking or storage. The  platforms move only vertically driven by a hided  strong hydraulic cylinder with wire ropes.


- Commercial grade

- Overlap platform design

- Ramps total height 150mm

- Ground floor unlimited, 2nd floor 2500kg and 3rd  floor 2000kg capacity

- Entrance width 2492mm, 2nd floor 2100mm and  3rd floor 2200mm driven width

- Clear height 2100mm on each floor 

- 4000mm/min (no-load) traveling speed

- 3.0kw hydraulic pump 

- Powder coating finishing 

- Dynamic anti-fall lock 

- Dust/oil dripping cover 

- Lock release failure detection - Semi-auto lock release  

- Emergency stop button 

- Up & down key switch 

- Self-standing & supporting structure (Optional) 

- TUV Rheinland Certified


1 Post   2 Carry board    3 Dust/oil dripping tray    4 Ramp    5 Wheel stopper    6 Power pump    7 Lower platform

8 Upper platform    9 Side beam    10 Electric hanger

Super cost-effective  

Less than half cost of the HP3130 

Maximize usage of the building height 

3 car height (customization may require)+  135mm+ 120mm+ 3 x safety clearance (check  local authority) 

Super-wide usable width 

Entrance width 2492mm, 2nd floor 2100mm and  3rd floor 2200mm driven width  

Super-fast traveling speed 

4000mm/min traveling speed without load, 10 sec  slower with load

Full size dynamic lock 

The platforms are traveling up and down with  full size dynamic lock 

Dust/oil dripping tray 

Each platform has a dust/oil dripping tray to  make sure the cars will not be polluted 

Low usage cost

Gravity lower down save energy 

Easy installation 

Simple structure, major parts are pre-assembled  

Professional packaging and delivery

20ft container load 6 units, 40ft container load  12 units


Emergency stop

Self-restore key switch

Full size dynamic anti-fall lock

Safety brake

24V electric control system

Power overload protection

Pressure relief valve

Flow control valve

Limit switch




How many cars can be parked on each unit,  any requirement?

3 cars, the car parked on the ground floor has no limit on  the weight capacity and has 2100mm clear height, the  car parked on the 2rd floor has a weight limit of 2500kg  and has 2100mm clear height, the car parked on the stop  floor has a weight limit of 2000kg and no limit of the clear  height but the celling.

How do I calculate the floor height  required by using HP2525?

The formula is as follow:  2100mm+135mm+2100mm+120mm+height of the 3rd  car+ safety clearance (check local authority), to  customize the height of each floor, please consult our  sales people.

How to operate the HP2525?

The top platform will sit on the lower platform on the  ground floor, after park the first car on the top platform, lift  up the top platform with the car all the way to the top  level, lock the top platform, lower down the lower  platform to the ground and then park the 2nd car on the  lower platform, lift the lower platform and park the 3rd car on the ground floor. Drive away the ground floor car and lower down the  lower platform and then drive away the car on the lower  platform, lift up the lower platform all the way to the top  to take the top platform off the lock, take the top platform  all the way down to the ground floor and drive away the  top floor car.

What's the supply voltage?

Standard voltage is 220v, 50/60Hz, 1Phase. Other  voltages could be customized according to clients'  request.

Could HP2525 used outdoor?

The HP2525 does have an outdoor version, for more  information, please consult our sales people.

Hydro-Park 2525 has a 5 years warranty on structure and 1 year on whole machine.Within the warranty period, power units, hydraulic  cylinders, and all other assembly components such as slip plates, cables, chains, valves, switches etc, are warranted for 1 year against  defects in material or workmanship under normal use. MUTRADE shall repair or replace at their option for the warranty period those parts  returned to the factory freight prepaid which prove upon inspection to be defective. MUTRADE will not be responsible on any labor costs  unless pre-agreed. Mutrade will not responsible for the modi cation or upgrade of the product from the client unless pre-agreed. These warranties do not extend to...

• defects caused by ordinary wear, abuse, misuse, shipping damage, un-proper installation, voltage or lack of required  maintenance;

• damages resulting from purchaser’s neglect or failure to operate products in accordance with instructions provided in the owner’s  manual(s) and/or other accompanying instructions supplied;

• normal wear items or service normally required to maintain the product in a safe operating condition;

• any component damaged in shipment;

• other items not listed but may be considered general wear parts;

• damage caused by rain, excessive humidity, corrosive environments or other contaminants.

• any change or modification made to the equipment without pre-agreed.

These warranties do not extend to any cosmetic defect not interfering with equipment functionality or any incidental, indirect, or  consequential loss, damage, or expense that may result from any defect, failure, or malfunction of a MUTRADE product or the breach or  delay in performance of the warranty.

This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied.

MUTRADE reserves the right to make design changes or add improvements to its product line without incurring any obligation to make  such changes on product sold previously

Warranty adjustments within the above stated policies are based on the model and serial number of the equipment. This data must be  furnished with all warranty claims.

About the customized size

If the size of the platform or height of the clearence need  to be customized based on customer require, dif culties  might arise when entering or exiting the cars on the  parking units. This depends on car type, the access and  the individual driving behavior.


Illumination has to be considered acc. to local  requirements by client. Illumination in the shaft for  maintenance is required to be minimum 80 Lux.

Operating device

The position of the operating device depends on the  project (switch post, house wall). From bottom of the  shaft to the operating device an empty pipe DN40 with  taut wire is necessary.


Regular maintenance by quali ed personnel can be  provided by means of an Annual Service Contract.


The installation is designed to operate between +5 ° and  +40 ° C. Atmospheric Humidity: 50% at +40 ° C. If the lol  circumstances differ from the above please contact  MUTRADE.

Protection against corrosion

Independent of a maintenance workings has to be  carried out acc. to MUTRADE Cleaning and Maintenance  Instruction regularly. Clean up galvanized parts and  platforms of dirt and road salt as well as other pollution  (corrosion danger)!


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