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The rapid growth in the number of cars causes shortage of parking spaces, making traffic difficult and worsening the quality of living environment. S-VRC-2 is one of the systems that could perfectly solve the issue. It’s dual functional, acting as a parking lift to stack 1 vehicle on top of another; or an elevator to transport vehicles between ground and basement parking floor. Either way, when it folds down, the top platform goes totally invisible and can be covered with suitable pavement to give a sense of order and elegance.
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Scissor Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor




VRC (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor) is a  transportation conveyor moving car from one  floor to another, it is a highly customized product,  which could be customized according to  customers’ different requirements from lifting  height, lifting capacity to platform size!

-S-VRC is a kind of car or goods lift, and industry   use vertical table lift 

-A foundation pit is needed for S-VRC 

-The ground will be flat after S-VRC descend to   bottom position 

-Hydraulic cylinder direct drive system 

-Double cylinder design -High precision and stable hydraulic drive system 

-Automatic shut-off if operator releases the button  switch 

-Small space occupation 

-Pre-assembled structure makes easier installation 

-Remote control is optional 

-Double levels of platforms are available to have   more parking 

-Top quality diamond steel plate 

-Hydraulic overloading protection available


S-VRC demonstration, some of the functions might not be  available for a specific model. For more information please contact MUTRADE’s sales representaive.




Drawing above is just a sample, for specific project please contact our sales to confirm exact specifications and  drawing.



Maintenance and Service

(1) Keep clean

Keep this automobile lift clean. Before cleaning, turn power off to assure safety. 

(2) Keep the workplace clean. Too much dust will wear the parts and shorten their service life.  

(3) Check the chains 

Check the chains are in good conditions. In case of chain failure, repair it immediately to prevent an accident. 

(4) Maintenance of the hydraulic system 

Cleaning and oil replacement  After three months’ use of this automobile lift, clean the hydraulic system and replace 30# hydraulic oil. After   that, clean the hydraulic system and replace 30# hydraulic oil once every six months.


Standard packaging: 

At MUTRADE, we offer professional steel frame packaging for easy and stable container load. The main structure  of S-VRC has be pre-assembled in our plant, and one package will contain all the parts.


1. Is this product can be used indoor or outdoor?

S-VRC can be installed both indoor and outdoor as long as the site dimensions are enough.

2. What is the pit dimensions needed for S-VRC?

The dimensions of pit depends on platform size and lifting height, our technical department will provide you   the professional drawing to guide your excavation.

3. What is the surface finishing for this product?

It’s paint spray as standard treatment, and optional aluminum steel sheet can be covered above for better   water-proof and looking.

4. What is the power requirements? Is single phase acceptable?

Generally speaking, a 3-phase power supply is a must for our 4Kw motor. If the usage frequency is low (less   than one movement per hour), a single phase power supply can be used, otherwise it may lead to motor   burnt out.

5. Can this product still operate if electricity failure happens?

Without electricity the FP-VRC cannot work, so a back-up generator may be needed if electricity failure   happens often in your city.

6. What is the warranty?

It’s five years for main structure and one year for moving parts.

7. What is the production time?

It’s 30 days after prepayment and final drawing confirmed.

What is the shipping size? Is LCL acceptable, or it must be FCL?

As S-VRC is a fully customized product, the shipping size depends on the specifications you need.  As the structure of S-VRC is pre-assembled, the package will take most space of container, LCL cannot be used.   20 feet or 40 feet container is necessary as per the platform length.



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