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Need the most cost-eective solution to move vehicles from one oor to another? FP-VRC is one of such solutions to
connect dierent oors, particularly when heavy construction is to be avoided. It’s unique structure of four posts makes it
self-supporting and totally feasible to stand directly on ground; or making a small pit of 200mm depth to have easier and
comfort access at the entry level. It’s highly customizable in dimensions, capacity and travel to accommodate various
vehicles and dierent project demands.
  • FP-VRC


Four Post Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor




VRC (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor) is a  transportation conveyor moving car from one  floor to another, it is a highly customized  product, which could be customized according  to customers’ different requirements from lifting  height, lifting capacity to platform size!

-FP-VRC is a kind of car or goods lift, and industry   use vertical table lift 

-Self-standing and self-support structure 

-Hydraulic cylinder + steel chains drive system 

-High precision and stable hydraulic drive system 

-Automatic shut-off if operator releases the button   switch  -Double chain design for higher safety  

-High density chains with longer service lift 

-Remote control is optional 

-Top quality diamond steel plate

-Hydraulic overloading protection available


  1. Double Chain -High density chains with longer service life

  2. High precision  -hydraulic drive system

  3. Limit switch -To stop the power pack pumping  when the platform reach the oors

  4. Stable -145mm thickness platform

  5. 900mm high safety rail




Drawing above is just a sample, for speci c project please contact our sales to con rm exact speci cations and  drawing.




(1) Install the automobile lift on a hard concrete foundation which could not vibrate during work. 

(2) Install the column bolts in the chassis, and x the chassis to the ground vertically after installation. 

(3) Bolt the transmission beam to the vertical column. 

(4) Connect the tray to the lifting beam. 

(5) Connect the chains. 

(6) Fix the hydraulic station to the back of a vertical column, connect an oil tube, and ll 30# hydraulic oil to the oil tank of   the pump station. 

(7) Apply grease to chains and idler pulleys.

(1) Keep clean  Keep this automobile lift clean. Before cleaning, turn power off to assure safety. 

(2) Keep the workplace clean. Too much dust will wear the parts and shorten their service life.  

(3) Check the chains  Check the chains are in good conditions. In case of chain failure, repair it immediately to prevent an accident. 

(4) Maintenance of the hydraulic system  i. Cleaning and oil replacement  After three months’ use of this automobile lift, clean the hydraulic system and replace 30# hydraulic oil. After that, clean   the hydraulic system and replace 30# hydraulic oil once every six months.

Standard packaging: 

At MUTRADE, we offer professional steel frame packaging for easy and stable container load. There are 2 types of different  



1.Packing by single unit(good for retails,   all the parts and structures packaging   separately).

2. Packing by two or more units (good for   big projects, similar parts are packed   together, e.g. all platform parts in 1   package, posts in other packages). It   takes less container space and saves   delivery cost.

1.Is this product can be used indoor or outdoor?

FP-VRC can be installed both indoor and outdoor as long as the site dimensions are enough.

2.What is the surface nishing for this product?

It’s paint spray as standard treatment, and optional aluminum steel sheet can be covered above for better water-proof and   looking.

3. What is the power requirements? Is single phase acceptable?

Generally speaking, a 3-phase power supply is a must for our 4Kw motor. If the usage frequency is low (less than one   movement per hour), a single phase power supply can be used, otherwise it may lead to motor burnt out.

4. Can this product still operate if electricity failure happens?

Without electricity the FP-VRC cannot work, so a back-up generator may be needed if electricity failure happens often in  your city.

5. What is the warranty?

It’s ve years for main structure and one year for moving parts.

6.What is the production time?

It’s 30 days after prepayment and nal drawing con rmed.

7.What is the shipping size? Is LCL acceptable, or it must be FCL?

As FP-VRC is a fully customized product, the shipping size depends on the speci cations you need.  As there are some electrical parts and hydraulic parts, and the packages for components are in different shapes, LCL cannot  be used. 20 feet or 40 feet container is necessary as per the lifting height.



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