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Expanding Parking Space in Australia with Motorized Bi-Directional Puzzle Parking System BDP-2

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Australia, like many other urban areas around the world, faces the challenge of limited parking space amidst growing vehicle ownership. To address this issue, innovative solutions such as BDP-2M (2 Level Motorized Bi-Directional Parking System) have been deployed to maximize parking efficiency and capacity.


  • Project overview

  • Here's how it works

  • Key benefits

  • Conclusion

Project overview

In a recent project in Australia, the implementation of BDP-2 has led to a remarkable transformation of our customer' commercial building parking infrastructure. With the installation of BDP-2 units, the available parking capacity has been doubled, providing a total of 49 independent parking spaces where previously only half the number existed.

The standout feature of this project lies in the utilization of the Motorized Bi-Directional Parking System. Developed by Mutrade, BDP-2M is a semi-automatic parking system designed to optimize space utilization while offering convenience to users.

Expanding Parking Space with BDP-2m in Australia

Here's how it works

Selected parking spaces are shifted to the desired position through an automatic control system. BDP-2M allows for both vertical and horizontal shifting of parking spaces. The entrance level platforms move horizontally, while the upper-level platforms move vertically. Notably, there is always one platform less at the entrance level. Users can easily maneuver the system by tapping their card or inputting a code to move the platforms to the desired position.

Expanding Parking Space with BDP-2m in Australia

Key benefits

One of the key benefits of BDP-2M is its ability to mobilize existing space efficiently. The system operates with high elevating speed, moving platforms to the desired position within seconds and drastically reducing users' waiting time. Additionally, its electric motor and chains transmission system make full use of the interior space of the structure, minimizing land space occupied and eliminating wasted space for wire reels.

Moreover, BDP-2M is designed to accommodate various vehicle types, including SUVs. With a reinforced structure capable of supporting 2500kg capacity for all platforms and higher available height, it offers versatility and flexibility in parking solutions.

The reliability and performance of BDP-2M are further enhanced by the use of top brand electrical parts such as Siemens, Schneider, and Omron, ensuring durability and smooth operation of the system.


In conclusion, the implementation of BDP-2M in Australia exemplifies how innovative automatic parking solutions can effectively address the challenges of limited parking space in urban environments. By maximizing space utilization, reducing waiting times, and accommodating different vehicle types, BDP-2M offers a sustainable and efficient parking solution for modern cities.

Expanding Parking Space with BDP-2m in Australia

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