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What parts does the structure of the car stacker include?

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With the development of the domestic economy, the number of residents' cars has grown rapidly. The increasing demand for parking spaces has created problems with the fixedness of urban land areas. As a result, automated parking lot have been widely used, and the use of car stacker operations has greatly improved efficiency. So, what are the parts of the car stacker structure?

Here is the content list:

  • Main frame structure

  • Car platform

  • Horizontal running structure

  • Lifting structure

  • Overspeed protection device

Main frame structure

The metal structure of a fully automatic car stacker is mainly composed of lower beams, columns, upper beams, and car-carrying platforms. The lower beam is equipped with a horizontal running mechanism, a speed limiter for an overspeed protection device, etc. The lifting rails on both sides of the column are used for guiding the up and down movement of the truck platform. On the column are equipped with a lifting mechanism, a height identification detection piece, a terminal limit device, an electric control cabinet and a safety ladder, etc. The upper beam is equipped with fixed pulleys, upper running guide wheel device, overload loose rope protection device, etc. The entire frame structure has the characteristics of light weight, torsion resistance, high bending rigidity and high strength.

Car platform

The vehicle-carrying platform is mainly composed of an upper guide wheel frame, a lower guide wheel frame, a vertical frame, and a horizontal frame. It is equipped with comb type pallet, pulley device, overspeed protection device brake clamp or rope break protection device, lifting guide wheel device, detection device for abnormal position of goods, and double storage detection device. The vehicle loading platform is driven by the lifting mechanism through the pulley device on the vehicle loading platform, and is raised and lowered along the column lifting guide rail by the lifting guide wheel device, and the fork telescopic mechanism is used for loading and unloading the vehicle.

Horizontal running structure

This part is composed of variable frequency speed regulation, three-in-one motor reducer, adjustable wheels and horizontal wheel set. The passive wheel is equipped with a self-aligning bearing group, which has the function of automatically adjusting the parallelism of the wheel. The lower part of the lower cross beam is equipped with a horizontal wheel set and safety clamps. The gap between the horizontal wheel and the running track can be adjusted through the eccentric shaft of the horizontal wheel. At the same time, the safety clamp can ensure that the car stacker does not tip over. There are rail clearers and polyurethane buffers to ensure that the car stacker will not jam the rails and reduce the impact during collisions.

Lifting structure

The hoist structure is used to drive the vehicle-carrying platform for lifting motion. The lifting motor reducer mechanism is bolted to the lower end of the column through a bracket. The output shaft of the reducer is equipped with a cantilevered steel drum. The wire rope is drawn from the drum and passes through the fixed pulley on the upper beam to change the direction before passing on the vehicle platform. The movable pulley is upwardly connected with the overload loose rope protection device fixed on the upper beam.

Protective device

The protection device of the car stacker includes an overload loose rope protection device and an overspeed protection device. It is a safety protection device that controls the load condition of the car stacker platform, and it can stop the operation of the lifting mechanism in time and protect against falling.

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